Optimize Your Workplace Drinking Water

Better Water. Better World.

Bottle-Free, Filtered, Pure Solutions

Cleartide provides the world’s most certified bottle-free water dispensers to help customers across Greater Boston keep their employees and visitors hydrated with healthy, clean, endless water right from the tap.

Unlimited, Filtered, Pure.

Our NSF/ANSI certified filtration processes equipped in each Cleartide dispenser ensure each glass is great tasting, and free of contaminants and impurities.

Bottle-free. Hassle-free.

Eliminate costly bottled water, including deliveries and storage, and enjoy the time and cost benefits of our preventative service and maintenance included in each lease.

Custom Solutions.

From countertop or standalone to filtration methods, volume output, temperatures, carbonation, or ice, our wide range of options allow us to fit each point of us to your needs.

Our Products

We’ll help you choose from a wide range of options that fit the needs of your organization perfectly.

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Not only do we promise you’ll love our water,
we guarantee you’ll love our service.

Bottle-Free Advantages

No deliveries, no storage, no swapping jugs and no unsanitary coolers. Just endless, clean, refreshing drinking water at a fraction of the cost.

Professional Set-up

Our team of professionals will install your new Cleartide bottle-free cooler cleanly and discretely using a simple connection to your existing water supply.

Clear7 Firewall
Local Support and Preventative Maintenance

We’ll keep your machine running at peak performance with preventative maintenance included in each lease. If something does come up, call us directly. No 800 numbers or call centers, we’re 100% locally owned and operated.

One Fixed Monthly Payment

Our flat-rate monthly invoicing allows for easy procurement and predictable budgeting. Our rates include your preventative maintenance and service with no surprise surcharges or fees.


Check out what’s new in the world of workplace drinking water in New England!

Clear7 Firewall

Our flagship product, the CLEAR7 Firewall brings an unmatched level of performance as the most certified water dispenser available.

Suitable for workplace settings large and small, from the mailroom to the boardroom, the C7 is equipped with a digital display offering temperature selections ranging from ice-cold to extra hot, sparkling water options, as well as size and accessory options to solve your business’s hydration needs.

Learn more about the CLEAR7 and what it can do for your workplace.

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How It Works

The easiest vendor you do business with. Our set up and service are simpler than you think.


Professional Collaboration

Let’s work together to identify the machines that fit your specific need. We’ll look at your requirements, wants, and spacing to help you determine the best solution for you.


Set Up & Installation

Let us know where you want your machine and let us do the rest. Our highly qualified, professional installers will connect the machine to your water supply cleanly and discretely.


Preventative Care

Filter changes, sanitization, refills, descaling, and more. Each Cleartide customer enjoys our service and maintenance included in each lease.


One Flat Monthly Bill

The same old boring bill, each month. No price increases, surcharges or hidden fees, maintenance included.

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