Locally owned and operated, we offer solutions customized to your business, flexible terms and guarantee satisfaction to each of our customers.

Refreshing, Filtered & Pure. Enjoy endless great tasting hydration from the most hygienic dispensers.

Give your employees and visitors access to refreshing hydration when and where they need it. Our unparalleled antimicrobial surface protection, purification, and filtration methods provide our customers peace of mind knowing their water is pure and great tasting, and that their point of use is safe & hygienic.

Proactive Customer Care & Local Support when you need it.

As a Cleartide customer, you’ll never have to worry about the performance of your dispenser. We proactively ensure that your filters and machine are performing as they should, with routine maintenance visits and filter changes throughout the year. For anything that might come up, our local team offers same-day remote service appointments as well as prompt reliable service visits to keep you and your team hydrated.

Enhance your health & safety for a more productive workday.

Eliminate the need for awkward heavy lifting by removing constant bottle-refilling. Our dispensers are designed with health at top of mind, with our three step protection helping you to reduce the spread of germs at your water cooler. Learn more about how our Firewall purification can help eliminate viruses such as COVID-19 and Legionella all the way through the point of dispense.

Enhance your health & safety for a more productive workday.

By eliminating single-use plastics, each of our dispensers on average saves 62 bottles per day for our customers. That means less waste stream costs, less plastic pollution into our future water supply, and a more sustainable workplace for you and your team.

Learn more about the benefits to going Green for your workplace hydration program.

No bottles + no delivery trucks = lower costs

Cleartide customers can save up to 75% on their drinking water spend by switching from bottled deliveries. Since we eliminate the need for plastic bottles, we also eliminate the need for deliveries via fuel-consuming diesel trucks, bottle storage, ordering, and more allowing us the benefit of providing you a better, more sustainable solution at a lower cost. Learn more about some of the costs and surcharges we can help you eliminate from your budget.

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