LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING by Cleartide Hydration Systems

High-Capacity Ice Production and Dispensing for Businesses with Large Ice Demand

Introducing the LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING system from Cleartide - the ultimate solution for establishments requiring large quantities of fresh, consistently-shaped ice. Perfect for restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals and other commercial settings with high ice consumption.

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Key Features

✓ Customizable Production: Models produce 310-550 lbs of ice daily, with 120-180 lbs storage capacity. Choose half-dice, dice, or regular cubes.

✓ Energy & Water Efficient: Uses 10% less energy and 25% less water than alternatives. Meets Energy Star standards for cost savings.

✓ Easy to Use: Digital control panels with EasyRead displays for intuitive monitoring and control. Shows status and cleaning alerts.

✓ Reliable Ice Supply: Dependable high-volume production ensures ample ice for food service and hospitality needs.

✓ Quiet Operation: Quiet air-cooled, self-contained design allows flexible placement without disruption.

✓ Durable Construction: Rugged build and quality components for lasting performance. Backed by warranty, maintenance, and support.

✓ Hygienic Design: AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology in food zone components prevents bacteria growth for a clean ice supply.

✓ Flexible Dispensing: Various dispenser configurations available, including bucket fill, to match your workflow.

Flexible Dispensing

Easy to Use Display

Reliable Ice Supply

Trusted Performance Across Industries

Cleartide's LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING systems are depended on by diverse businesses to keep up with their demanding ice needs:

Restaurants & Food Service

Maintain the freshest ingredients and create stunning displays

Hotels & Hospitality

Delight your guests with premium ice for beverages and room service

Healthcare & Senior Living

Promote hydration and food safety with pure, hygienic ice

Education & Athletics

Fuel your students and athletes while running concessions efficiently

Offices & Breakrooms

Boost employee satisfaction with high-quality ice always available

Elevate Your Ice Production with LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING

Don't let inadequate ice supplies disrupt your business operations. Trust the LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING system to deliver the high-capacity production and reliable performance you require. With customizable options and enhanced efficiency, it's the smart choice for demanding commercial environments. Backed by Cleartide's commitment to quality and service.

LARGE VOLUME ICE DISPENSING system is best in Boston

The Clear Difference



Standard Ice Makers

Production Output

310-550 lbs / 24 hrs

Lower capacity

Bin Storage

260-880 lbs

Limited storage

Ice Shape Selection

Half-dice, dice, regular

Restricted options

Antimicrobial Protection

AlphaSan® technology

Often lacking

Energy Efficiency

Exceeds Energy Star

Varying efficiency

Water Conservation

25% less than alternatives

Higher usage

Machine Monitoring

Intuitive digital display

Basic controls

Operational Sound

Ultra-quiet design

Potentially disruptive


Self-contained, air-cooled

Intrusive setup


High-quality construction

Shorter lifespans

Safety & Certifications

We take water seriously.

Order yours today or contact us to learn more. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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