Clear 4.

CLEAR4  Advanced Point-of-Use Water Dispenser

Superior Hydration for High-Capacity Environments

Introducing the Clear4 by Cleartide - the ultimate point-of-use water cooler delivering pristine, refreshing chilled, ambient and hot water on demand. Designed for busy workplaces, breakrooms, waiting areas and more, the Clear4 combines cutting-edge direct chill technology, robust "UF" ultrafiltration, and sleek modern design to elevate how you hydrate.

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Why Choose the CLEARTIDE CLEAR4?

Key Features

✓ Multi-stage UF filtration purifies water to exceptional standards

✓ Advanced direct chill system rapidly cools water for optimum refreshment

✓ Large 1.75 L hot and 3.5 L cold tanks for high-volume needs

✓ Hygienic recessed dispensing area accommodates bottles up to 11" tall

✓ Select-and-dispense hot safety lock prevents accidental activation

✓ Built-in leak detection and shutoff protects against water damage

 ✓ Large capacity pressurized stainless steel tanks satisfy high-volume needs

Superior Performance & Durability

With its premium long-life compressor, efficient R134a refrigerant, and robust powder-coated steel construction, the Clear4 is built to perform in demanding environments. High-capacity 3.5L cold and 1.75L hot tanks with top-quality valves enable large volume output, while enhanced insulation ensures temperature consistency and energy savings.

Crystal-Clear Water Quality

The Clear4 boasts a cutting-edge water filtration system, which combines a sediment and carbon block filter with an advanced .1 micron UF membrane to eliminate impurities and contaminants, ensuring each sip is pure and refreshing.

Clear 4 water hyrdation system.
Cleartide Clear 4 counter top model.

Smart Features for Ultimate Convenience

With chilled water down to a crisp 1°C/34°F and piping hot water up to 92°C/198°F ready in an instant, the Clear4 keeps you hydrated at the perfect temperature. The spacious dispensing area fits bottles and glasses of all sizes, while the removable drip tray enables easy cleaning and optional plumbed-in drainage for tower models.

Woman enjoying cleartide clear 4.
CLEARTIDE CLEAR4 makes drinking water easier.

The Clear Difference



Traditional Water Dispensers

Temperature Range

Cold: 35°F - 51°F, Hot: 197°F

Limited options

Water Storage Capacity

Cold: 3.5 liter, Hot: 1.75 liter

Lower capacity

Anti-Microbial Protection

Totality technology

No protection

Faucet Design


Standard design

Dispense Area

11 inch height

Limited space

Child Safety

Two-button safeguard

No safeguard

Water Tanks

High-grade stainless steel

Plastic or lower-grade materials

Filtration System

Advanced, customizable

Basic or no filtration​

Drip Tray

Two-piece removable with optional drain port for tower models

Non-removable, no drain

Safety & Certifications

We take water seriously.

Contact us to learn more. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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