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Exceptional customer service is not a thing of the past. 

We’re on a crusade to become the easiest vendor you do business with.

What We Do

At Cleartide, we constantly seek out the very best dispensers in bottle-free water which enables a range of options for our customers to fit each of their hydration requirements and provide local hassle-free aftercare, all while saving your organization time and money.

As business professionals and consumers ourselves, we understand the challenges and frustrations of poor customer service. While the rest of the business-to-business sector trends toward consolidation to service centers, displaced stakeholders, and customer-value measured entirely on account spend, Cleartide is heading in the opposite direction. Fast. 

We enjoy helping people. We do as we say, we communicate promptly and courteously, and we help our customers when they need us. It’s that simple. 

That’s why each Cleartide customer enjoys a service guarantee with every lease.

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How We Help

We understand the challenges that business leaders face each day to keep their organization performing at optimal levels, and frankly – where workplace water fits into those challenges.  That’s why we believe workplace hydration should be simple: healthy, great tasting water & ice where and when you need it. By providing customers with our bottle-free solution and hassle-free service, we can enable our customers to focus on the things that matter most in their business while reducing their spend and promoting sustainability efforts. 

As a business who operates in the drinking water space, an industry that has been a major contributor in plastic pollution and harm to our oceans, we also believe that we’re responsible for providing sustainable, plastic-free solutions to help our environment. 

At least 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. That’s over 40 generations from now. From that pollution, we produce today, over a million marine organisms are killed each year by micro-plastics. 

Each Cleartide bottle-free dispenser saves an average of 16,000 bottles per year, or 63 bottles per working day for our commercial customers. By helping to eliminate plastic from commercial waste streams and fossil fuel pollution created from both plastic production and delivery trucks, we can take necessary steps towards healthier ecosystems.

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About Us

We’re a local Boston, MA company. We’re Red Sox Fans, we know how to pronounce the names of cities like Woburn and Worcester, we shovel snow for 6 months out of the year, and we live in the same communities we serve. That means our sales, service, and support team are present and available to support our customers each day.

And even though we’re a locally owned small business, we’re able to provide best-in-class bottle-free water dispensers through our partnerships with industry leading manufacturers in the United States. Today, we offer the world’s most highly certified bottle-free coolers with a range of options such as temperature, carbonation, flavors, ice & more throughout Greater Boston and New England. What that means for our customers is the best of both worlds: the best products the industry has to offer, serviced and maintained by our local team who truly cares about making customers happy so they never have to change their water service supplier again.

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Our Team

Matt Murphy


Our team is dedicated to providing the best water filtration solutions for our customers. From product development to marketing and customer service, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.

Shane Connors

Operations Manager

Dedicated to providing exceptional and prompt customer service that can often be lacking from large, brand name companies.

Tim Driscoll

Senior Sales Executive

Senior Sales Executive at Cleartide Hydration, I have over 10 years of sales experience ranging from Food and Beverage, Information Security, and B2B office solutions.

Aline Turner

Field Sales Executive

A passionate and motivated field sales executive at Cleartide, a company that provides the world’s most certified bottle-free water dispensers.

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