Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is built upon what our customers want in their water service. Healthy, refreshing water when and where they need it, as much as they need, at the temperature that they enjoy. We believe that our place in Greater Boston’s water market is in providing sustainable solutions and exceptional service, and support to our customers, which is why we have no problem providing a service satisfaction guarantee in each lease. 

Cleartide Customers Enjoy:

  • The most certified products in the industry
  • Service Satisfaction Guarantee in each lease
  • Same-day service appointments
  • Proactive, preventative maintenance included
  • Follow up health checks on newly installed machines
  • Flat rate, predictable billing
  • Direct phone line to our office
  • Cell and email to a local sales, and local service representative
  • Flexible Terms

Cleartide customers never:

  • Contact us because their filters haven’t been changed
  • Are “stuck” in a contract but are unhappy with our service
  • Receive an unexpected bill because of a surcharge
  • Receive price increases on their lease rate
  • Are unable to contact us or have to wait on hold
  • Send an unanswered email
  • Wait more than 5 business days for an installation

Our goal is to be the easiest company that you do business with. Contact us to learn more about why our customers love us. 

Eliminating bottles from your company’s drinking water service comes with benefits to you, your organization, and to the users. Unlike traditional bottled water deliveries, our solutions provide predictable billing, no plastics, no storage, and are up to 75% more cost effective. 

  • By removing bottled water, you can rely on an endless supply of clean refreshing drinking water for your staff & visitors without having to restock. Not only will you enjoy a maintenance-free peace of mind, but you can expect the same rate each month, meaning predictable costs to you. 
  • For your organization, not only will you enjoy cost savings, but removing bottled water means less space used for storage of surplus water, as well as a boost to your sustainability efforts. Over 80% of people report being at least ‘somewhat concerned’ about microplastics and pollution from plastic use, and unfortunately over 90% of that comes from commercial businesses. Not only can you enhance your businesses image, but you can remind your employees and visitors each day of your green procurement processes. 
  • End-users will no longer have to worry about unsanitary water coolers that breed bacteria, stocking the refrigerator, or swapping out 42lb jugs of water. They’ll have filtered water, at the temperature that they want, when they want it, meaning a more productive and healthy workday. 

We provide Lease & Service programs for a flat monthly rate, which includes your machine rental as well as anything required to keep your water dispenser running at peak performance. 

Commercial grade water dispensers require a number of services in their lifespan including filter changes, descaling, sanitization, CO2 refills for sparkling water, and parts replacements after a certain period of time. Cleartide will place you on a routine service schedule where our team of professional technicians will arrive to perform preventative maintenance and filter changes to ensure your water is always clean and great tasting.

We also offer same-day remote service appointments for anything that comes up during the course of your lease. If you have a question about your machine that can’t be solved remotely, we’ll have a technician out to you immediately to resolve it at no additional cost. 

Our team of professional installers use your existing plumbing to make a simple connection to our machine from the nearest water source. We’re able to discretely run any water line through cabinets, behind dry walls, or over drop-ceilings to create the appearance that the machine is directly plumbed in for a professional aesthetic. 

Let us know when and where you need it, and we’ll arrive within a two hour window to install your new bottle-free dispenser. Our delivery and installation process on average takes about one hour and you’ll be set up with an endless supply of refreshing, great tasting water!

We maintain a 98% success rate installing our water dispensers for our customers. Our bottle-free machines make a simple connection to your tap water, which is typically under any sink, faucet, or water supply, and we can successfully place the machine up to 125 ft away from that water source. 

If you have any questions or concerns about making a connection before you switch from bottled water, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide our expertise! 

By the time that water hits your glass from a Cleartide dispenser, it will be completely transformed from what comes out of your tap. 

We help each customer select a bottle-free dispenser that will ensure that machine and the filtration method that we use will reduce any potentially harmful contaminants found in your specific municipal water supply. Since we have a number of options available for filtering and purifying the water, we’re able to provide the optimal solution to balance health and taste based on what we find in your city’s Water Quality Reports.

This is also why certifications matter – all of our products and their utilization are 3rd party certified for specific performance against contaminants so you can be confident in knowing that what our products live up to what they say they’ll do.

We don’t typically recommend it. There are two reasons – first, there is little, if any, cost-savings to purchase over the course of a number of years, and second, because we always want to set our customers up for success. 

While purchasing a machine up front may seem appealing, there are a number of ownership costs to consider. Primarily, because when our water dispensers aren’t maintained properly, the effective lifespan of those machines shortens from what can potentially be 10 years to as little as 1-2 years. 

Since our offerings are commercial grade coolers and much more advanced than retail coolers, they also involve a certain level of familiarity for basic tasks such as filter changes (which will also be a semi-annual cost), start up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and descaling. If a part needs to be replaced during a lease, that is done at no cost to you, whereas in a purchase that can be a costly process to identify and procure replacement parts. 

If you’d like more information on purchase options or considerations, contact us!